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pho& more gf options*

Our Pho is slow cooked in 16 hour broth in PXF blend of herbs 

BEEF SPECIAL CLASSIC PHO                  9.5/ 12.9

Rice noodle, slow cooked

scotch fillet, beef ball,

broth simmered ox tails, broth simmered

beef shin




CHICKEN CLASSIC PHO                        9.5/ 12.9

Rice noodle, broth simmered

chicken breast fillet

VEGETARIAN PHO       v                       9.5/ 12.9

Rice noodle, spiced tofu, Asian greens, fresh tofu, sprout & carrot ribbons, choice of chicken or vegan broth




VEGETARIAN KHO BEEF       v             13

Vietnamese style 'beef braise' in classic 

spices, served with flat noodle, fresh

sprout & chives




SOFTSHELL CRAB PHO                        15.9

Rice noodle, fried soft shell crab, Asian greens, pickle onion, chicken broth 




HUNTER SLIDER                    3.8 each/ 6 for two

Bao bun, filled with milk-cooked pulled pork, lettuce, herbs, pickles, dripping drizzles of wasabi mayo 




Marinade wagyu slices, on rice vermicelli, fresh greens, pickle mix, toasted peanut, fish sauce dressing


CHICKEN GOI                          gf                          12

Slaw style herb salad, chicken breast fillet, ginger fish sauce dressing


MEKONG SALAD                     gf                          14

Daikon carrot herb salad, fresh Australian prawns, pulled pork, fish

sauce dressing


LEMONGRASS PORK VERMICELLI SALAD gf                                                                           13

BBQ pork in Viet-style lemongrass marinade, rice vermicelli salad, fish sauce dressing

BUDDHA VERMICELLI SALAD       v            13

Tofu mushroom rice vermicelli salad,

toasted peanut, soy sauce dressing

FRIED SPRING ROLL VERMICELLI SALAD gf                                                                           13

Viet-style fried spring rolls of chicken, prawn, taro on rice vermicelli noodles,

fresh greens, pickle mix, fish sauce


rolls choice of sauces

LEMONGRASS BBQ CHICKEN OR  PORK                                                            3.8 each

Rice paper, nori paper,

chicken or pork juliennes, lettuce, cucumber, rice noodle, seasonal Viet herbs, punchy pickles, chives


PORK  & PRAWN                         4.3 each

Rice paper, nori paper, slow cooked scotch fillet in milk, prawn,

lettuce, cucumber, rice noodle,

seasonal Viet herbs, punchy pickles, chives 


SALMON                                     4.3 each

Rice paper, nori paper,

house cured salmon slices,

lettuce, cucumber, rice noodle,

seasonal Viet herbs, punchy pickles, chives


WAGYU BEEF                             4.3 each

Rice paper, nori paper, wagyu beef slices, lettuce, cucumber, rice noodle,

seasonal Viet herbs, punchy pickles, chives


MUSHROOM MEDLEY                  3.8 each

Rice paper, nori paper,

mushroom vegetarian mix, lettuce,

rice noodle, seasonal Viet herbs,

punchy pickles, chives



CHICKEN MEAL BASMATI RICE        gf        13

Lemongrass-grilled chicken, fried egg, fresh cucumber & tomato, on basmati rice

pickle mix, fish sauce blend dressing




BRAISED PORK BASMATI RICE        gf        18

Pork belly braised in coconut water, on basmati rice, side of pickle & chilli jam




SWEET RICE MEAL                             gf        13

Sweet rice, steamed in coconut water, topped with mushroom mix, pulled pork, fried egg, lap xuong sausage




TURMERIC RICE CAKE                                   18.5

Vietnamese pancake with prawn & pork

|or| mushroom mix & tofu, with fresh greens, pickle mix, fish sauce dressing





Low GI basmati fried rice with cured pork, truffle oil, root vegetable, fried egg,

lap xuong sausage




BUDDHA RICE                                     v          13

Pan-fried veg fish fillets & veg bacon, on basmati rice, tossed sprout, greens, pickles & homemade miso peanut sauce






It is fair to say every food journey begins with a story; peppered with circumstances and experiences, but always fuelled with love as the common thread. Heston Blumenthal had his coup de foudre- love at first sight when he dined in a three-star Michelin restaurant at the age of 16 (lucky boy!) with his parents. Martin Benn loved watching his mother, who was a great cook, creating meals in the family kitchen. He decided that he would rather cook, against the footsteps of a family of builders. Luke and Pauline Nguyen worked in their father's restaurant in their teens out of necessity. The restaurant was a means to make a living during their family's early days in Australia. Work turned to love…


This food journey also begins in the family. Coming from different corners of the globe, Tracey (Bao-Tram is her Vietnamese namesake) and Henry began their love of everything food, apart from love for each other, in their respective families.


Tracey arrived in Australia with her family as part of the "boat people exodus" in the early 80's. Her parents spent their childhood in Hanoi (north Vietnam) then migrated south, bringing with them the north to south tastebud memories of Vietnamese food. Henry arrived in Australia at an early age from Hong Kong, another melting pot of food-loving citizens. Their mothers cooked like good house cooks but also loved experimenting with food; and their children watched on, tasted and enjoyed...


Tracey and Henry, while going through their respective careers in health, with a busy family of three children, continued to dream of, to experiment with and to hone their cooking skills. Their home kitchen slowly accumulated the fancy gadgetry of a commercial kitchen to the amusement of their children and extended families.


The duo expanded their food horizon, experiencing food from fine dining establishments in Sydney, to small eateries in Bankstown, Marrickville...to street food in Vietnam. It started as fun and hobby. A seed was planted. It grew...


Pho Xpress Foodhouse is a combination of bringing hobby to life and being a creative outlet for the foodie pair. "Our philosophy of serious fun with food is brought to PXF- Pho Xpress Foodhouse". The health background influences the serious emphasis on freshness, honesty, nutrition, produce focus and hygiene. But the fun side of creating an experience- in the food, the aroma, the culture, the funky surround and the people- is embraced and displayed with gusto...

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