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dinner menu


pxf fried spring rolls

filling of prawn, chicken minced with

woodear fungus, and taro                       14

tasting rolls

mix of goi cuon with lemongrass

chicken, milk cooked pork, house

cured salmon, mushroom mix,

house peanut sauce and

nuoc cham                                               15


open truffle buttered banh mi, pate,

slow cooked pork scotch, green &

herbs, wasabi mayo                                  13

temple tofu (v) (gf)

fresh fried tofu, shallot oil, vegetarian

nuoc cham                                                14

vegan fried spring rolls

gluten free & vegan style fillings of tofu,

mung bean, woodear fungus & taro,

wrapped in rice paper                               14


roll-your-own, (Vietnam style)

grilled pork skewers, bed of fresh greens,

herbs & rice noodles, pond of house

peanut sauce                                              15


classic beef pho

viet beef noodle soup in pxf spice blend,

ox tail, scotch fillet, beef shin, beef meat

balls, classic toppings                               16

classic chicken pho

viet chicken noodle soup in pxf spice

blend, tender chicken breast fillet, 

chicken offals, classic toppings                16

basmati truffle fried rice

basmati rice, tossed with shiitake, cured

pork, carrot, slow cooked egg, drizzle

of white truffle oil                                     17

vegetarian pho

pho, tofu 3-ways with vegan broth or

chicken broth                                            16

crushed rice chicken meal

hour long slow-cooked egg, lemon-

grass grilled chicken, on steamed

crush rice, fresh cucumber, fresh tomato,

nuoc cham & house-made pickles          17

sweet rice platter

sweet rice served, street-food-inspired,

with pork floss, chicken pate,

milk-cooked pork, red caviar & pickles    18

large appetites


sugarcane fish pop vermicell

local wild-caught fish paste, grilled

on sugarcane, bed of rice noodles, classic

nuoc cham                                                    19.5

ha noi grilled pork meal (bun cha Ha Noi)

bbq pork, served Vietnam-ancient-city

way, with rice noodles, greens & herbs, in

generous soak of traditional nuoc cham

& pickles                                                         25

kho beef flavours (bo kho)

beef cuts braised in classic Vietnam-style

spices & aromatics, carrots, served with

truffle buttered baguette, flat rice noodles,

basils, chives & sprout of mung bean           23


chicken goi

viet style slaw, fresh herbs, tender

chicken breast fingers, ginger sauce

dressing                                                          14

mekong salad

daikon carrot salad herb mix,

Aus prawns, milk-cooked shred pork,

fish sauce dressing                                        15.5

eastern greens

stir-fried seasonal Asian greens                   14



taste of an nam

  tasting platter of Vietnamese cakes and nibblies


fruity coconut chocolate crepe

french style crepe, coconut, fresh fruit,

dark chocolate flakes & chocolate sauce


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